More than consulting engineers

Aconsil is a consulting engineering company in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industry. Since our establishment in 2015, we have worked with Project Management, Project Management Support, and Qualification and Validation for Denmark’s leading companies in the field

In Aconsil we work with Project Management, Project Management Support, and Qualification and Validation. As consultants for Denmark’s leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, we help our clients establish, remodel, and optimize production facilities. 

In some projects, we participate in the early project stages, where we execute Feasibility Studies and associated Business Cases. Other times we are onboarded later in the project and contribute to the Design Phases or the Construction Phase. Our primary focus is to understand our clients’ needs and to use our skills to meet the unique requirements that projects in the pharma, food and biotech industries face.

Engineering and business competencies

Aconsil’s knowledge is based on a foundation of engineering and business competencies, specialist knowledge, and several years of experience within the industry. We cherish our professionalism and continuously stay up to date with the latest knowledge and specific requirements set in the industry. With a balanced combination of young and experienced engineers in our workforce, we have the skills, the drive, and the experience to ensure high quality, even in complex projects.


To ensure that our client’s objectives are met within the scope, time and budget, we always go the extra mile. This is the Aconsil spirit, and the reputation we build on.